Year of our Lord




Imagine, if you will, that a situation arose in the 1870's, where some enterprising publisher saw the possibility for a new publication.  One that would combine the visionary storytelling of Jule Verne and the other masters of the scientific romance, with the deft skills of the greatest illustrators of the day.  


A publication where stories would be told with a combination of words and pictures not seen before.   What would such a publication look like, what startling stories and charismatic characters might arise?  What heroes, what monsters, what inventions?


If this idea has fired your imagination, and you feel you could write or draw one of these stories then please contact us with your story ideas, scripts or samples of your artwork.  Our aim is to produce "Year of Our Lord 1900" as an ongoing anthology title beginning some time in 2019. 


Plans are not set in stone, the format, frequency even the title may change but we do know what we want.  We want scientific romances, 'tales of daring do' on strange unknown continents or faraway planets and stories of the far future.  Not the future we look forward to now, but that envisaged by Verne, Wells or Edgar Rice Burroughs. 


Tales of scientific or psychic detection may find a place as may stories of war, set before WW1, or ghost stories in the style of the times.  We want a publication that M R James, or Arthur Conan Doyle or Jack London would have been proud to have been published in.


While "Year of Our Lord 1900" will be a comic, do not limit yourself to the standard comic form, we'll look at different mixes of words and pictures but we don't want pure text stories..


We also do not want 'steampunk' versions of copyright characters.   




Where the idea came from - a 'joke' cover created as an attempt to learn how to use Photoshop


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