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At a time when many of us are feeling helpless as we watch the news each night, some practical ways for comics fabs to help the comics community in Ukraine, by buying commissions or goods featuring Ukranian artists - if anyone knows of any other suitable links, please send them to me and I'll update this page accordingly.


I know that many of us feel helpless at the moment, wanting to do something, anything for the people of Ukraine.  My intention is that this page should be a record of people and places where we can help comics creators and other artists in some small way, by asking for commissions, or buying their goods.  


The illustration on the left is a Commission from Tatyana Nikonova, a comics artist from Kyiv. Who, along with family and friends, has experienced the horror of the war first hand.


I've been collecting sketches and commissions from various artists, showing me, in my alter ego of Grumpy Penguin, being beaten up by all sorts of comic creations.  Somehow that didn't seen right here, so we have Grumpy Penguin and the Cthulhu Kids meeting Ukranian defensive forces in one of the squares in Kyiv.


I've written an article about Tatyana's experiences which I'm hoping will apear on a comics web-site very soon.  I'll add a link here when it does,


Tatyana is offering her work via the, freelancers web-page. She is an artist and colourist and charges far too little for her services, so please pay a little extra.  I did and was moved to discover Tatyanahad passed the extra along to an old school freind who had suffered directly at the hands of the Russians.


Tatyana Nikonova page




The Will Production -Patreon Page



The Will Production is a project by a number of top line Ukranian comics artists who have joined together to create a new collection of stories called, simply , 'The War', which will support their troops in the defence of their country. 


They have set-up a patreon page, where for a monthly fee you can see work in progress and examples of their superb comic art.


Here you can see a cover from 'The Will', by Oleksiy Bondarenkoa.  The Will is a Steampunk adventure set in an alternative version of Ukraine in 1918 that features some incredible comics art. 


Not everything on this page is easy to look at. Igor Kurilin shared a page from his, new book, "The massacre in Bucha - Genocide of Europe".


Take a look, it's an excellent way to support the comics community in Ukraine.


The Will - Patreon Page


The Will Original Ukranian page



Redbubble are donating their fees for Ukranian artists to assist the country and the, freelancer site I found Tatyana on is doing the same, donating the fees they collect to the Ukranian Red Cross.   Fivrr offers all kinds of services, from graphoc design to audio and video services..



Redbubble - Support Ukraine Page, Support Ukraine Page

I'm in the process of contacting some Ukranian artists to get details on how the comics community community in the UK and beyond can help them, either with direct financial help, or to get the message they are so desperate to give to to rest of the world.


I'll update the page as I get more details and post reminders on the Sector 13 Comics Facebook page as I get them.  Please follow us, you will not be inundated with messages, I'm much to slow at that social media business for that.  But please click on the link below and follow our page.


And if you have any more details of writers and artists that might be useful, please do send details to


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