Issue 2, At The Molehills of Madness!


Join the Cthulhu Kids at The Miskatonic Academy for Outer Entities- the most exclusive school in the multiverse for the children of Elder Things and Outer Gods for their second set of adventures.


A mash up of vintage kids comics and the existential terror and hopelessness of an infinite universe.






The first issue of Cthulhu Kids is out and well on its way to Kickstarter Backers.   It went on sale at the Omagh Comics Fest on Saturday 8th September at the Sector 13 table and went down really well.  One punter started laughing at the second panel, but that may have been an hysterical reaction to seeing Mrs Cthulhu in a pinafore.


Cthulhu Kids started as a simple gag strip in the first issue of Splank!, a gag that arose because the latest issue of the Beano was on my desk the day my copy of 'The Annotated Lovecraft' arrived.  It was brought to life by the wonderful artwork of Andrew Pawley. 


Andrew's style was perfect for the cross between madcap humour and existential terror and we had to do more with the characters.   Cthulhu Kids issue one has lots of hidden references to the TV shows and comics that Andrew and I love and even to the pub I still drink in when I go back to my home town of Omagh.   We'll publish a guide to a few of these easter-eggs at some stage in the near future but for now wait and see what you can pick up on.


Andrew and I both loved working on Cthulhu Kids and we plan to keep going as long as anyone wants to read about the Kids.  You can get copies from me, Andrew or by mail order by following the instructions below.  We already have further plans for the Cthulhu Kids underway, you can keep up to date at our Facebook page. 


Cthulhu Kids Facebook Page


A very limited number of copies of a special alternate cover by Andrew

are still available but won't last long.  Please check for availability.



Cthulhu Kids Issue 1

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Cthulhu Kids Issue 1
Cthulhu Kids Issue 1 & Splank! Issue 1

Get copies of both the full length Cthulhu Kid comic and the magazine-sized Splank!, complete with the kids first appearance.

Cthulhu Kids 1 & Splank! 1

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