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Buy Whapp!, Splank! and Yow! Plus Anno Domini 1900

For those brave souls wishing to see all four of our new comics for 2024, we offer this package.


Whapp!, Splank! and Yow! plus S13 issue 01, Anno Domini 1900 in one package.  With more than 250 pages of comics for £36 this is great value and will invovle a hefty donation to 'NHS Charities Together' from Whapp!, Splank! and Yow!.


A hefty package, it has to go as a 'small parcel' rather than and large letter. 


Credit Card Payments link, here. Or visit our on-line store here.

Special Offer

THREE ISSUES OF SECTOR 13 £10 plus p&p


Three issues of Sector 13 for £10 plus £3 UK p&p.


With stunning covers by Stuart McCune, Will Simpson and Joseph McCafferty, see the issues where Sector 13 'came of age'.  Moving from an amateur fanzine run by a chaotic collective effort to an ambitious magazine with something that might be loosely described as an organised editorial team. 


In these three issues we featured some of our favourite stories.  Including John Farrelly's Alpha Male, a superbly rendered, 'Flesh' tale.  Plus, Ironic, a very different story of the Sector 13 Judges that took the whole editorial team to get ready and, in issue 5, our ambitious quartert of linked stories.    Order here, while our stocks last.

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