Sector 13 'Silent Special' 2024

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During March and April (or while stocks last) we will be offering our first 'Silent Special' free with any orders for complete sets of all seven issues of Sector 13 (£38 inc UK P&P consisting of the single comic compilation of issues one and two, issues three to six and all three parts of issue seven) or of the 120 page, three part, Issue seven on its own (£21 inc UK P&P).


In addition, we have a very limited number of sets of first prints of issues 1 - 6 with covers featuring cosplayers from the Sector House 13 group.  Issue 3, featuring Joanne Alexander as 'Judge Archer' and issue 4 which sports a striking image of Jay Scout in her Psi Judge Costume being in particularly short supply.  (£42 inc UK P&P with the Silent Special thrown in).


Order 'Full Set" issues 1-7   £38 inc UK P&P    here.

Order three-part Issue 7      £21 inc UK P&P    here.

Order Cosplay covers 1-6   £42 inc UK P&P     here     

Sector 13 First Print Covers

Issue Seven




Join the Cthulhu Kids at The Miskatonic Academy for Outer Entities- the most exclusive school in the multiverse where the children of Elder Things and Outer Gods are sent to be educated (get them out of their parents hair).


A mash up of vintage kids comics and Lovecraftian horror, the perfect way to introduce your own kids to the existential terror and hopelessness of an infinite, meaningless universe. And groan at a few awful gags.


Offer includes Splank! issue 1 (A4 44 pages), With contributions from, Mike Higgs (Pow!, Smash!, Buster etc.), Nigel Parkinson (Beano),  Davy Francis (Oink), the cream of the small press and the first appearance of the Cthulhu Kids by Peter Duncan and Andrew Pawley.


Also includes both issues of the Cthulhu Kids own comic, with eldritch performances of an unnameable school play, hideous crimes outside of the local sweet shop and the horror of founders day.  (US comic format, full colour).


You can order all three books for £13 inc UK P&P here.




Fool Moon Graphiks is the brainchild of Bob Curran, a veteran of the comics world and a respected author of books on folklore and mythology.


We're delighted at Sector 13 Comics to have the opportunity to offer three books from his imprint along with a fourth comic by our good friend, Ryan McVeigh, as part of a package.


You'll get Incredible 'Adventures number 1, The Ring of Wyrrd' an epic adventure written by Bob and set against the background of 9th century Scandinavia, a time when scattered regions were beginning to come together to form the countries we recognise today.  With superb art by Joakim Hagstrom its a fascinating read.


Weird Comix issue 2 is an anthology of Bob's science fiction and fantasy stories, with artwork by a trio of Sector 13 regulars, Paddy brown, Bob Malone and the always fascinating, Scott Twells. With supernatural tales, stories of interplanetary exploration and a post-holocaust yarn, this collection of stand-alone stories is a perfect introduction to Bob's weird imagination.


"The Scribbling's of a Hairless Monkey" is a short collection of stories by artist Paul Malone.  Paul was featured in the first four issues of Sector 13, and now mainly works on illustration and commission work. Writers for the collection include his good friend, Jonathan Fisher, author of the acclaimed Sci-Fi collection, "10 Minutes on Mars",  Mark McCann who as a writer of stories for, Heavy Metal Magazine, Opus and his hit graphic novel, "Never, Never", has now graduated from Sector 13.


Finally, is Ryan McVeigh's Tales of Return. Self-Published, this is Ryan's first comic and was produced with a group of artists from the Cork, comic community.  Mad keen and eager to learn, this is just the first in a series of books we'll see from Ryan, so get in at the beginning.


Cost for all four books is £23, including UK P&P and, while stocks last, including a copy of the Sector 13 Silent Special. (or if you already have that, we can maybe send you a copy of the A5 digest from issue 7 - just contact us at the usual e-mail address.


Order here.

Patrick Brown Comics

Paddy Brown, is a big part of the Sector 13 Comics editorial team, he's been invovled with the zine from the beginning as an artist, letterer, occasional writer and designer.  Indeed Paddy has been producing comics since long before Sector 13 started.  
His best known works, both rendered in stylish red ink are re-tellings of stories from the Ulster Cycle of stories. Books that have drawn praise from accademics for their authenticity and from readers for their entertainment value.


Paddy says,  "The Cattle Raid of Cooley is a 270-page graphic novel based on the ancient Irish epic. You may have heard of the hero Cú Chulainn, well, this is his story. Ulster's been invaded by queen Medb of Connacht, in winter when the Ulster army's been stood down. Their only defence is teenage rookie border guard Cú Chulainn challenging them to single combat - and thanks to the interference of a couple of gods, his ordeal is going to last a lot longer than he expects". (£20 plus P&P)
Ness is prequel to the Cattle Raid, starring Cú Chulainn's grandmother in her youth. When her father, the king of Ulster, is powerless to stop a murderous outlaw, she turns outlaw herself to track him down. A shorter story, complete in 72 pages. (£6 plus P&P)
Both drawn in red ink in a style derived as much from classic book illustration as comic art. Follow the link to Paddy's online storefront: Here
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