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Cat is an artist based in Northern England.  She has a long standing background as a graphic designer working on web-sites but for the past few years has been working on her secret ambition of working on comics 


She supplied a wonderful strip for Splank! issue one, the funny and charming, Ethyl Death and shortly afterwards came up with the Judge Dredd cover for the, now out of print, reprint of sECTPR 13 issue TWO.  


Since then she has written and drawn, "The Lament of Gravlax' for the fifth issue of Sector 13 and has just finished the art on a Glenn Matchett story for issue six.


She publishes comics of her own, the charming, Mizzle books and sells original art, prints and a set of very unusual and attractive prints on wood via her web-site.


We're huge fants of Cat's work here at Sector 13, especially her use of colour, and are hoping to have her appear in future issues of Sector 13, Splank! and another, as yet unrevealed project.






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