More than 160 pages of comics and art from an array of talented creators to keep you and your kids occupied and entertained during lockdown.


Designed to evoke memories of Christmas presents past, the 2020 Splank! Annual mixes madcap humour with adventure strips and one, very special, text story.


With contributions from, Mike Higgs (Pow!, Smash!, Buster etc.), Nigel Parkinson (Beano),  Steve MacManus (Battle, 2000 AD).


Featuring the cream of the UK small press scene, coming together with leading professionals from comics like, Beano and 2000 AD our aim is to raise funds for 'NHS Together' and to promote the work of creators who have seen their income badly hit by the cancellation of Comic Cons across the country.


We hope you will download and enjoy, "Splank! Annual 2020", take a look at the special links page for creators and buy a comic or print or art commission to support them at this time.  Available as either a  PDF or for those of you in the know, as a two-part .cbr file.  Links are just below.  Enjoy!







If you have enjoyed the Splank! Annual,  and the time and effort put in by all of the great writers and artists, I hope you'll take the time to visit our, JustFunding page where we are raising money for the staff and volunteers of the NHS. 

They are facing challenges that they have never seen before and for some of them the scars will take a long time to heal.  


We want to do a little more than just clap every thursday, so on behalf of all the creators involved in Splank!  I'd like to ask you to join us in showing your appreciation of the heroes of 2020.




What They Said About Splank!


“SPLANK annual 2020 is a veritable cornucopia of comic strip goodness”. 

Steve MacManus, former Editor 2000 AD, Author, “The Mighty One” and “The Sheerglam Conspiracy”.


Splank! is sometimes surreal, sometimes serious, sometimes symbolic, but always spectacular. A fantastic journey through the various styles of British children’s comics!

Julia Round.

Author: Gothic For Girls


“The new Splank! anthology is a terrific idea and I’m delighted to be part of it. The compendium is a cornucopia of delights – humour, adventure, science-fiction… What’s not to love? And all in the cause of promoting comic creators and their work, just when they need it. Grab Splank! now... before it grabs you!”.

John Freeman,, Doctor Who Monthly.


 Splank! is an ingenious combination of work from professional artists, small-press publishers and newcomers with a mix of humorous and adventure strips some set in a surreal world.

Chris McAuley



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The Original SplanK!

Some copies of the original Splank! are still available.  Please note all material in these comics is included in the digital download of Splank! Annual 2020.


The first issue of Splank! was launched at the Enniskillen Comics Fest on 12th May 2018 as a magazine-sized, 44 page collection of comic strips in the tradition of the British Comics of old.  Mixing mad-cap humour with stories of pirates, chimney sweeps fighting the forces of darkness and some almost true tales of the comics of old.


Issue one features a cover story by Marc Jackson, along with strips by current Dennis the Menace artist, Nigel Parkinson and British comics legend Mike Higgs.


Freelance cartoonist Dave Windett, who has worked on a host of UK comics including  Beano, Dandy, the DFC and a host of TV Licensed comics, has contributed a beautifully drawn tale of Spookytown and former Oink artist, Belfast's own Davy Francis has illustrated the story of Belfast's most usless bad guy, The Grumpy Penguin.


Mal Coney and Alan Nolan bring their unique styles to the pages of Splank! along with a charming story by Cat Byrne and a strip by the superb John Robbins.


Adventure stories are supplied by local writers Glenn Matchett and Colin Sinclair, with art by Scott Twells and Morgan Brinksman, artists who could not have more different styles but both of whom really know how to tell a story.


I'm personally delighted to be able to present five pages the superb Beans and Tucker by the ultra talented John Farrelly and a preview of the Cthulhu Kids comic by me (Peter Duncan) and Galaxafreaks writer and artist Andrew Pawley which has just been released.   



Due to Coronovirus there may be some delays in postage.  We are limiting visits to the Post Office to once a week. 

You can order your copy now for £7.00 (UK), postage paid via Paypal to 

Europe (Inc ROI) £10, Aus & NZ £12.75, USA & Canada - Please contact.








Anyone interested in contributing to future issues of Splank! contact me on and check out the Submission guidelines for Splank! here.



The Animal Gang, Ninja Monkey, Red Panda and Grumpy Penguin. art by Duncan Scott

*to be strictly accurate, Mike Higgs designed Grumpy Penguin in two panels of a strip,  included in Splank! 1, but all the rest was Duncan.




The Secret Origin of Splank!:  From April 1st 2016, an article detailing the creation of the original Splank! Comic in 1967.



Splank! & The Grumpy Penguin: The Origin of the Grumpy Penguin, Splank's own! super-badguy.  Includes a link to the film, ''Peter: A Documentary' where I make a total idiot of myself, and some ramblings about American Whiskey.


Before Faceache:  A look at Ken Reid's work for Power Comics, the comics which inspired Splank!  Part One, Part Two.



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