Journey Planet Judge Dredd Issue:  Hugo award winning online fanzine Journey Planet turns its attention to Judge Dredd.   With interviews with John Wagner and Pat Mills and a great history and analysis of Dredd by Michael Carroll, this is a great read.   Check out page 67 for a few words on the origins and ethos of the Sector 13 fanzine.


Previous issues are available here, look out for the Dan Dare and Philip K Dick themed numbers.  Issues featuring sports in science fiction and an examination of the Dune saga.  


This is a great sci-fi and comics zine.

Friends, Romulins and Highwaymen


Millicent Barnes Comics is the publishing name used by Stuart John McCune for his remarkable comics.  Unlike anything else out there, these are sophisticated, complex and elegant books with stories that challange and reward in equal measure with art that is unique and beautiful.


Influences are many and varied and often not obvious, but you can see elements of fifties, claustraphobic science fiction and of some of the best of the Outer Limits or the Twilight Zone Tv series. 


I'd recommend his ongoing series, The Human Beings, the superb Monologue and Epilogue books and as a special treat Cold Colony, one of the most evocotive short stories I've read in a comic for some time.  You can find Stuart's Tumblr feed here and buy some of his titles in pdf form on Big Cartel here.



Andrew Pawley's Galaxafreaks books are among the most visually stunning comics you will ever see.   Wildly inventive with a colour palatte that threatens to burn the back out of your retina Andrew is a huge talent.  His books are beautifully produced and his stories are cosmic freak outs that mix quantum physics with good old rock and roll.  


The three series he has produced so far are all still available in one format or another and Andrew has been generous in making three comics available in pdf format totally free.


You can find the free comics here.


His website shop here.


And his brilliant Patreon page here.



Ryan Brown is a Digital Painter, Comics Artist  and one of the best Cover guys working today.  He's worked for Marvel, IDW and 2000AD and on properties like Mars Attacks, TMNT and Judge Dredd.  He even did a cover for a recent reprint of one of my favourite series of all time, The THUNDER Agents. 


He's also about the hardest working guy in comics, with an understanding of comics art that is second to none.   There are great things coming from Ryan, keep a look out for some exciting news from him. 


On top of that he's a good guy too.  Makes you sick!


Ryan's page is here, check it out.



BLIMEY! is among the best websites for anyone interested in Britsh Comics.  It's put together by cartoonist Lew Stringer and is a mixture of news about new comics and memories of comics of old.  Lew really knows what he is talking about and his almost daily blog is always interesting and really informative.   Highlights are selected scans from his own collection of British comics and the knowledgable commentary that accompany them.  A must for fans of 'a certain age'.


You should also look out for Lew's own self-published comics.  As well as the superb Brickman superhero parody, Lew has reprinted his Combat Colin strips from Action Force and Transformers and his very funny Derek the Troll strips from White Dwarf and Warlock.   They are available from his online shop here.

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