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Sector 13 is always seeking writers, artists, photographers and, for their Mega-City One photostories,  cosplayers.


For strips, the usual maximum length of a story for Sector 13 is seven pages, but if you have something very special that is longer we will look at it.  We accept anything from gag-strips of one page to dramatic stories in the vien of the heroes of 2000 AD.  Future Shock type stories are always welcome.  We aim for a PG13 audience so please bear that in mind.


There is no set format for scripts, but there are useful examples all over the net.  You can find a few examples here, at the Scripts and Scribes web-site


We are not accepting prose fiction or articles for Sector 13, except under very special circumstances.  For that material please check out the submission requirements for our Blog.


Artists, we need artists who can tell a story, so if you want to draw a strip for us please let us see some of your comics.  We do use pin-ups or posters, but very few and we have a lot of very good artists lined up for that material.  We do use spot illustration on our blog so do let us see your fan art.


Please send your art samples, story ideas or scripts and photographs to the editorial team at sector13@boxofrainmag.co.uk and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.




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