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Sector 13 is a 2000AD Fanzine published by Belfast's own 2000AD fan group, Sector House 13.  We are always seeking writers, artists, letterers, photographers and, for our Mega-City One photostories,  cosplayers to join our team.


For Writers: Submissions should be set in the various worlds featured in 2000AD or be original science fiction or fantasy stories in the spirit of The Galaxy's Greatest Comic.  Avoid using Dredd or Johnny Alpha, Slaine or the ABC Warriors.  We are more interested in new characters, living in the world of our favourite strips.  So if you have an idea for a new Judge or a totally original Strontium Dog then this is the place for you.


We don't mind seeing some of the big dogs appearing as supporting characters but we want stories that focus on new characters.


Maximum length for a story is generally seven pages, but if you have something very special that is longer we will look at it.  We accept anything from one-page gag-strips to dramatic stories in the vien of the heroes of 2000 AD.  Future Shock type stories are always welcome.  We aim for a PG13 audience so please bear that in mind.


There is no set format for scripts, but there are useful examples all over the net.  You can find a few examples here, at the Scripts and Scribes web-site.


We are not currently accepting prose fiction or articles for Sector 13.  For this type of material please check out the submission requirements for our Blog.


We are always pleased to see scripts from first time writers, you'll get an honest and, constructive response to any ideas for stories and we will work with writers who have a great idea, but have not got the script quite right yet to try to help them.  


Artists: We need artists who can tell a story, so if you want to draw a strip for us please let us see some of your comics work.  We do use pin-ups or posters, but very few and we have a lot of excellent artists lined up for that material.  We do use spot illustrations on our blog so do let us see your fan art but know it likley won't be used in the zine.


We can deal with most art formats but prefer jpg's or psd's of at least 300dpi.  Pages should be A4 size with a 3mm bleed on all sides if you want the art to be full page.


Letterers: A much under-estimated skill, we need some really good letterers to help us out.  Please send a sample of your work.


Photographers:  Delighted to hear from skilled cosplayer photographers wanting to get involved in our unique photo-stories or to help out with our covers.  We can only use people who are local to our team of cosplayers, but we are constantly looking to extend that group across the world.


Sector 13 is a non-profit fanzine.  Nobody involved is paid for their efforts, we do this because it is fun and because we want to see new and upcoming writers and artists get the chance to be published in a high-quality comic. 


We are committed to give all contributions a fair look and to try to be as constructive and encourging in our responses as we can be.  Sometimes we'll get it wrong, and not appreciate a great story or see the skills of a fantastic artist.  Sometimes we'll be clumsy in our responses. 


So please don't be put off by a rejection, all responses are just the opinion of the editorial team, try elsewhere or see if you can make changes that will make us think again.  We're happy to discuss our comments, and to look again at revised work.  Just keep trying folks!


Please send your art samples, story ideas or scripts and photographs to the editorial team at sector13@boxofrainmag.co.uk and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.  And if you fancy trying your hand at lettering, we'll be really pleased to hear from you.




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