Sector 13 Issue Seven IS Here


Sector 13, issue seven was launched at Enniskillen Comics Festival in June of this year.  Almost three years in the making, we have a fantastic selection of strips, including a real coup with the inclusion of a brand new Tyranny Rex strip, written by creator John Smith and drawn by Will Simpson.


Since lockdown we've built up more than one hundred and twenty pages of material, too much for a single issue, so we're planning a special, one-off, A5 format issue that contains a couple of Judge Dredd strips originally intended for the Zarjaz fanzine along with stories desgned specifically for the format.


Finally, we have another, format busting idea, with an oversized, 'compact tabloid', newsprint edition containing stories that needed the extra space to really show their worth.


And just to be clear, all three editions have totally different contents.



All three parts of Sector 13 Issue 7, are available for £21 including p&p via paypal to




Sector 13 issue 7, A5 Digest Nigel Parkinson Cover

Newsprint edition, David Broughton Cover

Sector 13 Issue Six

Issue Six of Sector 13 includes 44 pages of story.  Simon McKnight's cosplay cover, features friends of the zine, Simon Crockett and Graham Alexander.


Featured this time round we have a brand and unseen new fantasy story, from 2000AD and Game of Thrones legend, Will Simpson.  With more to come in future issues


As if that wasn't enough, we have a Misty-inspired strip written by Julia Round, author of the acclaimed "Gothic for Girls", a comprehensive and insightful book on the much loved girls's comic.  


Julia brought all her understanding of what made Misty tick to the crafting of this tale and in Morgan Brinksman we had the perfect artist to bring it to life. 


This is something very special, you can read more details on our 'news' tab and see how to get a 20% discount on "Gothic for Girls" from the publisher.


And 'c'mere, there's more', this issue also continues the story of the Sector 13 Judges with art by Scott Twells (including one of my favourite pages ever to appear in the zine. Ed.) and Laurence McKenna who's skill at forging the photstories increases with each issue.


W D McQuaid and Patrick Brown introduce new SD agents, Cameo and Hurt-box in the first of what we hope will be an onging series of adventures.


We also have the welcome return of Cat Byrne, whose art in the last issue gathered a lot of attention.  This time Cat adds her skills to a story by Glenn Matchett that has delighted everyone who has seen it.


The issue is filled out with a strip by two newcomers to Sector 13, Ed Whiting and Mike Slattery bring us a future shock named, 'Lethal Weapons' that we think you are going to like.


Remember, we are always on the look out for new writers and artists for Sector 13 and for various other projects we have on the go at the moment. 


Please send art samples (sequential work, not single images) or scripts to  And if you've sent something to us in the past few weeks or months, we'll be looking for stories for Issue seven very soon!


£7 (inc UK P&P) via Paypal to  The Family and Friends option saves us on charges but isn't compulsary and do remember to add your name and address in the message section.




"Another great independently-published anthology, the Sector 13 team have pulled out the stops again to deliver a heady mix of stories". 

John Freeman, Downthetubes website. 

Read Complete review here.


"No morning cuppa should be consumed without a copy of Sector 13 magazine. Issue Six rocks!"

"Another creative leap forward from the crew behind Sector 13."

Steve MacManus

The One True Tharg


"Overall, Sector 13 is a fun comic with some great ideas and execution. Give it a chance; you may be reading the next big creator".

Steve Dishon, giving an american perspective from, Break the Fourth.


Sector 13 Issue 5 - Reprint

Following an incredible spring and summer where sales exceeded anything we could have anticipated, the first print of issue five of Sector 13 is now all but sold out. 


Our reprint features brand new front and back covers from Joseph McCafferty alongside 44 pages of story and art. 



Available for £7 (inc UK p&p) payable via paypal to or from our Etsy Shop for £7 inc UK p&p. (Charges may be slightly higher via Etsy to cover increased transaction charges).


Sector 13 – When I Lost Control
Laurence McKenna, Peter Duncan & the Sector House 13 Cosplayers


The Lament of Gravlax
Cat Byrne


Judge Whatley
Peter Duncan & Joseph Parangue


Gronks - The Gronk With No name
Alan Holloway & Ed Doyle


Peter Duncan & Donna Anita Black


The Terror of Titus Tower
Mark Keenan & Morgan Brinksman



Davy Francis


The Long Walk

The Parlour Posse, Peter Duncan, Scott Tweels & Patrick Brown.




What People are saying about Sector 13 Issue Five


"Sector 13 issue five a hit, a very palpable hit. congrats to all involved".

Steve MacManus, Tharg.


"It's a ludicrously solid read, with thrills, humour and theological discussion. I genuinely think that several strips

would be very at home if you found them in 2000AD itself"

Alan Holloway, The Imaginarium Blog





Will Simpson, storyboard artist for Game of Thrones and 2000AD and DC comics alumni, had provided Sector 13 with a brand new cover for their issue 4 reprint.


Sector 13, issue 4, 40 pages. £7 inc P&P (UK), .





Sector 13 is a non-profit fanzine produced by the 2000 AD fan group, Belfast, Sector House 13.  Its aim is to promote the group, the 2000 AD family of comics and the talented writers, artists, photographers and designers who give freely of their time and creative energies to produce the zine.


Under the careful eye of editor Fitztharg and produced at A4 size, with mixed colour and black and white interiors, the zine features unique photo-stories starring the cosplayers of Sector House 13 alongside strips celebrating the very best of the spirit of 2000 AD.












Sector 13 Issue 1 & 2 Compilation       


A 44 page compilation of the strip material from our sold-out, first two issues.  Fantastic new cover by Lyndon Webb.


Includes contributions from:


Script Droids: Laurence McKenna, W.D McQuaid, Peter Duncan, Andy Luke, Simon McKnight, Logan Bruce


Art Droids: Andrew Pawley, David Yeh, Paul Malone, Duncan Vaughan, Jason Stewart, Davy Francis, Cat Byrne, Richard Harrison, John Farrelly, Lawrence Mckenna, Patrick Brown, Simon McKnight, Jawine Westland, Paul Malone


£7.00 Post Paid in the UK, Paypal to






Sector 13 Issue 3, second print.  Cover by Stuart John McCune fewer than five copies left for sale.


40 Pages of story and art. Our biggest issue yet.


Script Droids: Laurence McKenna, Peter Duncan, John Farrelly, W.D McQuaid, Alan Holloway, Glenn Matchett and Davy Francis.


Art Droids: Laurence Mckenna, John Farrelly, Simon McKnight, Patrick Brown, Jawine Westland, Damien Duncan, Scott Twells and Davy Francis


"After two excellent openers in the field of fanzines, the crew over in Belfast come up trumps again,

Review by John Burdis, "Everything Comes back to 2000AD".


"An incredibly polished and accomplished piece of work".

Chris McAuley, Talking Comics.


£7.00 Post Paid in UK, Paypal to


Cover artist Stuart McCune's incredible comics can be seen here




Sector 13 Issue 4


40 pages of story and art featuring:



Sector 13 – High Maintenance
Laurence McKenna, Peter Duncan & Simon McKnight


Zero Sum Brain
W.D. McQuaid & Patrick Brown


Vacant Possession
Colin Sinclair & Simon McKnight


Bad Day in Mega-City One
Logan Bruce, Peter Duncan & Paul Malone


Gronks - The Legend of Snarki
Alan Holloway & Ed Doyle


Mega-City One - Ironic
James McBride, Peter Duncan & Joseph McCafferty


Executive Decision

Colin Sinclair & Morgan Brinksman


Cover: Will Simpson


"Sector 13 continues to mature and craft wonderful stories in it’s universe.  A magazine which started as a fanzine has now become one of the highlights of my comic reading year."  Chris McAuley, Talking Comics.

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We have a very small number of copies of the first prints of issues one to five of Sector 13, featuring the Cosplayers of Sector House 13 on the cover. 


In some cases we are counting the number of copies left on the fingers of one hand.  We are also just about sold out of the reprints of issue one and two, featuring the cover art of, Andrew Pawley and Cat Byrne. 


if you are interested in one of the last few copies of these, please contact us at to enquire about availability and price.

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