1900 Submission Guidelines



"Year of Our Lord, 1900"  will be a hardcopy, magazine-sized comic printed on good quality stock.  It will focus on Scientifiction, Tales of the Supernatural, Detective Stories and old-fashioned Adventure Yarns, perhaps even Gothic Love Stories but all told from the perspective of 1875. 


This is a comic that has fallen through time, from another world, where some enterprising publisher had the idea to combine words and pictures in a way that better told the stories from The Strand Magazine or the pages of the novels of Arthur Conan Doyle or H G Wells.


Stories may accepted from anyone with an interest in the subject, from seasoned professionals to keen newcomers.  And it's the spirit of the old stories I'm after, not the style.  


A quick word about what I don't want.  I don't want versions of existing, copyright characters from other comics, re-jigged to fit in with the 1900 concept.  


Contact address is Splank@Boxofrainmag.co.uk


I would ask potential contributors to have read these submission guidelines carefully and know the type of material I am looking for.  Ideally you should have read some of my other publications, Splank!, Sector 13 or The Cthulhu Kids.


I will look at completed strips, early ideas or proposals, scripts, or art samples and will talk to anyone about any ideas they have that seem to tie in with my plans.


Writers should send me either complete scripts or outlines or e-mail me with an idea they would like to develop.  I prefer Microsoft Word for text documents as long story ideas in e-mail format are awkward because the formatting never seems to survive the settings on my e-mail.


Artists without a specific strip in mind, should send me samples of their work and I’ll try to match them up with a suitable writing partner.  Please make sure the samples are in the genre and style you prefer to work in and I much prefer comic strip work rather than pin-ups or single images. 


If you are one of those people who can write and draw then firstly, I hate you, but I’ll swallow that envy back and look at anything you want to send me.


Strips can be anything up to seven pages, any longer than that please have a word with me first.


1900 will be printed at A4 (210 x 297), so any artwork supplied should be, roughly, in those proportions.  Artwork may be resized slightly to fit if necessary.   If your strip is intended to be printed full page, without a border, please allow a minimum of a 3mm bleed on all sides and let me know in advance.



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